NEST of Canada


Ironically began with our first children, which led to many sleepless nights. 

Those nights motivated us to look into whatever information we could possibly find regarding sleep training. From there, we began learning different methods and approaches for our own children. The information we gathered became invaluable, because it not only taught us patience understanding but it also helped us truly understand the necessity and great importance of healthy sleep habits.

Understanding the science behind it, helped us realize how crucial every stage along the way of baby’s developmental growth.

The knowledge we acquired so beneficial with our own children, and friends we helped out, truly inspired the NEST of Canada as our calling.

We strive to help as many families as possible because we understand first hand how hard and exhausting the process of getting a child who sleeps happily and healthy throughout the night.


Our philosophy is to acquire as much information and details regarding your family and child as possible to customize a sleep training plan to bring the most significant results. We ensure that the process for you and your little one is beneficial in creating the healthiest and happiest independent sleep training experience. That can only happen when we all work together for a common goal.

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