NEST of Canada

Danbi Lee

Hello everyone, I am the founder of the NEST of Canada and the mother of two lovely little girls. After university, I’m originally from South Korea; I came to Canada to learn English as a second language. Since my major is Early Childhood Education, I’ve worked in Canada within the childcare industry for over ten years with children of all ages. Over the years, I worked at a Montessori school as a teacher/supervisor and a non-profit organization, Child Care Centres, and as a teacher/supervisor.
After working with children, I thought raising my own would be a piece of cake. However, as you very well know, reality set in quickly. The lack of sleep for myself, my husband, and my first child was a rude awakening and made me realize I have so much to learn. That became a goal for our family, but most importantly for my daughters.
All those years of experience in childcare didn’t prepare me for the ahead journey. However, all the experiences acquired over the years made me want to learn as much as possible about infancy/toddler sleep training.
Seeing the results with my daughters after learning about sleep training and helping friends out with their children led me to pursue becoming a professional sleep consultant.
I look forward to sharing all I’ve learned and used over the years to help you and your family become the happiest possible.
Sharing is caring, as my eldest daughter always reminds me.